Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Official GMATCH Online Fair

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The Official GMATCH Online Fair, coming September 10 and 11, offers you a chance to interact with representatives from more than 85 of the world’s top business schools from the comfort of your computer or tablet screen. The fair, like live events in convention halls, will feature exhibit booths, auditorium [more]

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Business schools consider GMAT scores in order to determine whether or not the candidate is likely to succeed in higher education business studies. Although GMAT scores are not the only determinant, they do hold a value in admission decision.



It is recommended that if you have scored average, you must not lose heart and should apply to good business schools anyway, because it has been observed several times that students can still get in on the basis of other qualifications, qualities, recommendations, their resume and/or the final interview … being awarded admission despite their lower than average GMAT score.



There is no passing or failing scores in the Graduate Management Admission Test, whatever you score has a different meaning for a different business school. Your score might be a good score for one school, whereas an average GMAT score for another. Thus, it depends upon the school assessing your application that which score ranges they consider good or average. To make it clearer, I would like to quote Rosemaria Martinelli, the Associate Dean of Student Recruitment & Admissions at the Chicago Graduate School of Business, who said:



“It is one of the predictors for how well a student will do in studies at the GSB. The 80th percentile range of scores for the entering class is 640-760 (a broad range). A high score will not guarantee admissions; likewise, a low score will not preclude admission. It’s just one piece of a complex puzzle.”
This shows the percent of test takers who have scored in this range and gives you an idea of your score compared the the average at that school. 200 to 800 is the score range for GMAT totals, whereas for Verbal and Quantitative, one can score between 0 to 60. Each question you answer will decide your scores. Both of these sections depicts the ability of a student in different constructs, thus they can be compared and have independent value.



The Analytical Writing Assessment Score for the graduate admission test is based on the average score you achieved in two writing assessments: issue analysis and argument analysis. You can score between 0 to 6 in half-point intervals, whose average then determines your score in this section. AWA score doesn’t affect rest of the three scores categories. AWA scores are important for business schools, as they give them an idea about your thoughts and how well you can organize them to present information in a piece of writing.



For business schools, GMAT scoring is quite useful because it is a reliable way to judge student’s skills and also because they provide a standard way to rate students and their abilities. It helps schools make comparisons among the applicants, giving them a rounded picture of student abilities, or weaknesses. Keeping in view its importance in your admission towards entering a good institute, it is recommended to take the GMA test after preparation. You must start preparing for the test at least 3 to 6 months before test date so as to get good scores. After all, it’s the question of your future and career!