GMAT Courses

It doesn’t matter where your weakness is with GMAT, there is a self help book available to help you get through these stressful times and achieve the score that you require.


If Math is your problem area, then revising with “Total GMAT Math” would be the way to go. This book is crammed with exercise and examples from real GMAT questions and over 425 pages of extremely helpful advice. The book is divided into easy to follow and find chapters that tackle different mathematical aspects of the GMAT. However, for those just keep to practice and get stuck in, then there is “GMAT Math Problems”, which is crammed with 18 sets of 100 questions to cover in depth as many areas as possible.


For those that struggle to present their work and answer questions ‘on the spot’, “Total GMAT verbal” will give you the tips, information and practice that you need to feel confident on the day. It will run through strategies and approaches that you will be able to use to answer questions confidently, combined with many ‘real life’ examples of the kind of things you are likely to be asked.



And finally, for those who struggle to get into studying and with tests themselves, then “GMAT 111” will give you tricks, tips and advice on how to approach questions, improve your studying techniques, and give you helpful tactics for questions. There are 111 easy-to-manage chapters that will cover every approach you should need.



All the above books have been carefully designed to get you your desired GMAT score, so if you are ready to start preparing, just click here to visit GMAT Hacks and read more about how you can increase your chances.



Not everyone knows what their weakness is and some just don’t have the time to read many books before the GMAT date arrives. Hence, there is also a need for something focused and fast. This is where the GMAT Boot-camp comes into its own. This is a self study course that will help you find your weaknesses, focus on improving them and help you to build upon your strengths. It starts with a self assessment, and then proceeds to expand on everything from Math approaches and essay templates, to study approaches and avoiding the most common errors.



So, if you are in a rush, or prefer an extremely focused study approach, consider enrolling in the GMAT boot-camp, click here to visit the GMAT bootcamp sign up page and find out more about the course on offer. There is also an option to join the advanced course and get some AMAZING freebies (who doesn’t like something for free) that will really help to improve your chances.


*All information was correct at the time of writing. Please do your own research and make your own decisions. Information, books and tests change regularly.