Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Official GMATCH Online Fair

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The Official GMATCH Online Fair, coming September 10 and 11, offers you a chance to interact with representatives from more than 85 of the world’s top business schools from the comfort of your computer or tablet screen. The fair, like live events in convention halls, will feature exhibit booths, auditorium [more]

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What grade level is considered good? When we ask what grade is considered good, it totally depends upon the institute at which you are applying. All business schools have different criteria and a GMAT score may be considered high by one business school and average by another. Depending upon the ranking of the institute in which you are applying, the requirement of GMAT score may vary. Although even if you don’t meet that requirement you should apply because you never know that they may give you admission on the basis of your other skills, or resume or recommendations. As GMAT scores range from 200 to 800, any score above 650 or so may be considered good, whereas top-class business schools may consider 700 and above as a good GMAT score.


How to Get a Good Score in GMAT:

To get a good score in GMAT you need to be prepared for the test. Other than preparation, following test taking tips could really help you achieve a good GMAT score:


GMAT Tips:

  • Know well the directions before you attempt each question, so that you may not waste your time in understanding what is required to be done. As the instructions may vary slightly from test to test, reading instructions is a must, but do it fast and make sure you grasp the question being asked.


  • Divide your time properly and allocate a proper amount of time to complete each question. Don’t try to finish it fast, as haste makes waste, but just try to complete within the allotted time. Avoid sticking to one question for long, if you don’t know the answer, move on and then get back to it after you finish answering all questions you know for sure. For some, allowing 5-10 minutes to at the end of the test for proof reading and checking answers can really yield results.


  • Questions at the beginning of the paper normally hold good marks, so attempt them carefully.


  • Keep track of time.


  • If you don’t know the answer, don’t just make wild guesses. Make a prudent guess and select by eliminating all the options which you think couldn’t be correct. However, don’t leave any question unanswered, because there is no negative marking. Sometimes leaving the problem question until later and returning to it, will allow your brain to come up with an answer.


  • Be confident, wear easy clothes and take proper rest before the test day.


  • Eat adequate on the test day but don’t drink too much water because it is noticed that as soon as paper comes in front of the candidate they start feeling hungry and feel like going to the washroom.


  • Know the exact location of the test center so as not to waste time and get anxious on the test day.



Now when you know about GMAT scores you can check with the institute in which you intend to apply and ask about what score is acceptable for them. Knowing how to score good in GMAT will help you perform well in test. Be prepared and perform well, put the effort in and you should get good scores, which will help you get admission in a good business school.