Five Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Official GMATCH Online Fair

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The Official GMATCH Online Fair, coming September 10 and 11, offers you a chance to interact with representatives from more than 85 of the world’s top business schools from the comfort of your computer or tablet screen. The fair, like live events in convention halls, will feature exhibit booths, auditorium [more]

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Success in the job search does not happen by accident. Recently we talked about the “sweet spots” in the job market for Class of 2013 business school grads, highlighting employer demand for new hires, strong salaries, and the fact that 60 percent of the graduating class landed a job offer before [more]

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This is the first time i am posting in this forum, I have been a regular follower of this forum though. I need help in improving my verbal score. I am a non native English speaker. I have taken GMAT thrice and below are my scores. GMAT1 - Dec 2012 [more]

GMAT Strategy :: RE: GMAT Practice Grid - Use this to analyze your errors

Hey Eric, I have this advanced version of test grid,where u can keep a count of the time too. Just enable the macros. Cheers, KiranSource Article from Strategy :: RE: GMAT Practice Grid - Use this to analyze your errors [more]

GMAT Verbal & Essays :: Verbal

Brent@GMATPrepNow GMAT Prep Now Teacher Source Article from Verbal & Essays :: Verbal Verbal & [more]


GMAT Registration:

GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a most popular way of judging a student. It is taken in the English language in the selected GMAT Exam Center. This test gives the business school a guarantee about the student’s caliber to get admission for further studies in the filed of business and management. The GMAT exam gives the student an opportunity to prove his/her abilities and that he/she is able to get admission in a particular university. However, before appearing in this exam and to be successful, knowing each and every element about it is mandatory; read this article to know about the GMAT registration procedure:



Test Center

Graduate Management Admissions Council (GMAC) plays an active role in administrative aspects. GMAC announces list of test centers for all candidates from different regions or countries; normally GMAC maintains two lists of centers, one is of USA, CANADA, PUERTO, RICO, whereas the other list of centers is for the rest of the international countries and regions. Therefore it is important to visit the GMAC official website to select the GMAT test center in your home town. The official websites of GMAC is .



Make an Appointment

After the test centre selection the next step is to set up an appointment to give Graduate Management Admission Test. You can visit GMAC official website to know the test center’s contact number. As the GMAC official website is responsible to administer all regional as well as international GMAT registration numbers in their directory; therefore it is very convenient to get it from there.




GMAC accepts online as well as by phone registrations from all over the world. You can easily pay your fee from your credit card (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). The test total fee of registration is $250 USD, which you have to pay when you apply for registration.



Modification or Rescheduling

After the registration if anyone wants to reschedule his or her test date or time, he / she has to bear an additional fee to the original registration fee (about $40 USD ). This amount can also be deposited in the same manner as payment, but if you are doing this by phone then the number should be the same as you what you have used for the first time while calling to register your name for GMAT. Keep in mind that you can not reschedule your GMAT for more than one year from the original test date and you must reschedule at least 7 days before the test date. If anyone fails to attend the test the $200 USD will be forfeit.




In any case if you want to cancel your test schedule, you need to inform them 7 days before the test date, in such a case you will get a refund amount (presently $80 USD at the time this was writted). However, if you fail to inform before this time whole $200USD will be deducted. You can only cancel online, or by phone, but your same number should be given to cancel.



Retaking the Test

The option of retaking test who failed to pass GMAT is open but it can only be taken one time in a calendar month whereas it can be taken 5 times in one year period. If anyone desires to take the test more than 5 times he/she has to take special permission from the GMAC in written. The application should reach GMAC through mail or email and the addresses can be obtained from the GMAT official websites. or from the contact numbers (+1 (800) 717-GMAT (4628), or (+1 (866) 442-GMAT (4628).


* Prices and penalties were correct at the time of writing, please check current prices independently.